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1 Ergebnis gefunden

  1. We are currently looking for high/native German speakers to be part of a top-quality team. You will be giving support to a world famous technological leading company as a Customer Service Agent. The position could be at home or in the office. Your main tasks will be: -Take incoming user requests (via telephone, email ...), log call details into case management systems and provide response and resolution within SLA to customers. -Aim for the highest Customer Satisfaction Surveys scores, actively updating customers with status and resolution progress reports. Their happiness is our happiness. -Delivery of high caliber Customer Service on post-sales requests (delivery, warranties, refunds, ...) -Inbound sales support and selling of products to increase revenue while ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. -Achieve sales goals set up on a quarterly basis while providing an excellent customer experience. -Logging and following up on orders or requests. -Capturing all required data elements in CRM as required by clients, policies and products. We offer: -Full-time (39 hours/week) or Part-time contract -Schedule: From Monday to Friday (1 or 2 Saturdays per month) -Salary for 39 hours/week: 19.800 Euros gross/year package (Fix+Bonus) -Opportunity to join an international team Minimum requirements: -High/native speaker of German -Fluent English speaker. -Excellent communication skills in a variety of customer facing situations. -Standout colleague. -Previous experience in similar position is a plus. -Positive and dedicated attitude. -High motivation. -Patience, flexibility and adaptability. If you are interested please send your CV _The recruitment processes and people involved in them (both recruiters and Project Managers) will not discriminate any candidacy because of age, disability, ethnic, marital status, gender, nationality, ideology, politic, race, religion and sexual orientation