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Hallo zusammen,

möchte hier gerne mein Profil kurz weiter posten :) Vielleicht hat jemand etwas oder kennt jemanden.

Ich suche eine (Teilzeit) Anstellung, gern auch in Deutschland, aber reines Homeoffice, da wir nach Spanien auswandern wollen. 

Wenn jemand es auf deutsch braucht, einfach melden. Gracias.


Name: Sahika

Profile: Highly motivated and trustable Marketing Specialist with with a wide range of interests. Last station: succesfully implementing projects as a marketing project manager in a top known radio station. Heart in the right place, motivational, both assertive and team player.

30 years old

Skills german perfect, english fluent, spanish very good, turkish very good

Interests beside online marketing: health and nutrition, personal development, music (guitar), languages



Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart (Highschool of media Stuttgart)

Bachelor of Arts with grade 1,4 (A)

Subject: Advertising and Marketing (Werbung und Marktkommununikation)


What are my 3 passions regarding work? What can I maybe do for you?

1. I love online business – for expample I have great experience with social media marketing on facebook and instagram. Further, I love texting and have a great feeling for languages. So I can text ads or websites for expample, newsletter or can write e-books. My german and english speaking and texting skills are very good, my spanish is good.

2. My other big passion is anything that has to do with graphic design and designing the visual needs of a company.

In 2018 I started my first own business with photography and graphic design which I lead by the way on a small base.

3. My third passion - being a speaker and representative, doing presentations, helping others to spread to the world. Also being a teacher or coach (for example see my recently started profile on instagram @espanol_con_sahika)


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